Builtapps has a unique pattern of social media branding. Social Media Brand strategy is not all about creating your profile pic, targeting advertisements or making cool cover photos; it is about creating an indestructible bond with your customers. Branding is about giving life to your products and making your business, something that people can vouch on. Our artistic, tactical and determinate ways will turn your inmost brand fantasy into reality.

Our branding services include Social Media Ideation, Brand Architecture, Brand Humanization, Content Marketing, Web Development, and Design. We build brands that live on, after you.

After you hire our services, you will quickly realize the importance of a better brand. Your team will become aligned and energetic. Your brand will become a customer magnet. People will become aware of your brand’s presence. Maximum returns on investment. A win-win situation for both ‘brands.’

Brand Analysis

Analyzing how your brand is perceived by its audience at present can be used to define key strategies which can amplify your brand’s voice and get your message across.

Branding Strategy

Adapt to the constant change in branding fundamentals. From social media to content marketing to consumer magnetism, we deploy successful social strategies.

Brand Engagement

Brand engagement is the heart of any business. Our branding strategies not only attract customers to your business, but help in retaining them by creating better brand engagement.