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The services offered by Builtapps Business Solutions access to a variety of resources, which include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimization Tools and Search Analytics. All the services offered under Builtapps Business Solutions are within the control of the company. These services may subject to changes, with or without prior notice.

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01. Copyrights and idea submissions

Builtapps Business Solutions is the owner of the design, interactive features and visual interfaces of the website ( Builtapps Business Solutions also owns trade names, trademarks and copyrights along with other intellectual property. Builtapps Business Solutions does not provide grants for the users to modify, reproduce or distribute the content available on the website, fully or partially.

02. Trademarks

The term Builtapps Business Solutions used on the website identifies Builtapps Business Solutions from the other services and products that are registered under the trademark of the company. Users will not be able to exhibit the trademarks owned by Builtapps Business Solutions under any circumstance, without the written consent of the company.

03. Use of the website

Apart from the services, products or information that is supplied through Builtapps Business Solutions, the company does not endorse or operate information available in the internet, which belong to the third party service providers. You also adhere to the fact that content that you download from Builtapps Business Solutions may not be free from Trojan horses, worms, viruses or any other malicious code. You hold all the responsibilities for the usage of the website and any kind of damage that may happen to you after the use.

04. Limitation of liability

Builtapps Business Solutions is not responsible for any kind of damage or loss that can take place with the usage of the website. While accessing the website, it is also important to keep in mind that Builtapps Business Solutions has no control over the website.

05. Termination

The agreements may be terminated by any party without previous notice at any given time. The provision of licenses and copyrights and other similar activities may lead towards termination of agreements.

06. Earnings disclaimer

Builtapps Business Solutions ensures that all the figures related to the potential incomes are indicated correctly on the website. The information displayed on the website on only for representation purposes. You agree to the risk, which ensures that the income may differ from one individual to another.

07. Prohibited Discussions, Project Violations and Topics

This law is in accordance with the Laws that exist in Sri Lanka and it adheres to the agreements that are designed and performed within the boundaries of the country. By accepting, you agree that the legal proceedings are associated with Builtapps Business Solutions and you. For any of the concerns related to this agreement, the hearings will be taken place at a State or Federal Court of Sri Lanka.

08. Testimonials disclosure

Track records and positive experience from the past are not linked with similar outcomes in the future. The testimonials that are linked with Builtapps Business Solutions doesn’t represent an individual client. Some of the accounts have receive worse performances. You agree to the risk of results that can take place due to unavoidable circumstances.

09. Linking policy

Builtapps Business Solutions creates links to the other websites from time to time. It is important to bear in mind that Builtapps Business Solutions is not accepting new link appeals. Builtapps Business Solutions links only to the well-established websites and SEO blogs.

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