At Builtapps, we have a different approach to Social Media Management. When your competitors are busy counting their fans, followers and blog subscribers as if they are ‘collectables,’ we are busy working out social plans for what we want to achieve through the community that already cares for you and plans for those that will care for your after our social media strategies.

Expert Management

Social Media Management is never as simple as it sounds. Creating quality content is not enough as you need to keep the website updated. Proper management ensures a loyal group of customers that connect with your website. Apart from increasing Search Engine Visibility, SMM gives companies the upper hand over the market competition. Strengthening your industry leadership qualities play a major role here.

Expert Strategies

Builtapps can help you devise unique strategies that resonate your brand image, meet the business objectives of the organization and your expectations. Successful Social Media Marketing firms build relationships and encourage personal interaction between the firm and its clients. Building a positive reputation has its perks, and it is the duty of the Social Media Strategist to create this opportunity for its clients.

Expert Moderation

A crowd-pulling website needs to be regularly updated and monitored. Every website owner needs trained professionals who are adept to the various nitty-gritty of moderation and coding and are capable of taking prompt action in case of public response. Taking care of the spam and junk posts tend to get labor intensive at times. It is best practice to set alerts for all your social media pages and attend to them at the earliest.