Security Protocol

Builtapps Business Solutions values your privacy. As a result, we have taken a variety of measures to ensure your privacy and security at all times. However, the storage of data and transmission of data through the internet is not always secure. The below mentioned steps are taken by Builtapps Business Solutions to minimize the impact that is linked with cyber-security related risks.

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

We use Comodo SSL in order to make sure that all the data that is transferred with the server is encrypted and secure. Therefore, you will be able to submit your personal, financial information without keeping any doubts in mind. We collect your credit card information upon request and we will never display them in full length under any circumstance.

  • Security Key

The security key offers an additional layer of protection to the website of Builtapps Business Solutions to make sure that your sensitive information is protected at all times. The security key is designed to time out in one hour.

  • Secure Storage

We use secure and encrypted databases for the storage of your information.

  • Partners & Vendors

All the partners and vendors of Builtapps Business Solutions are legally entitled to protect the sensitive information of the users.

  • Contractor / Employee Access to the Information

We make sure that your information is not disclosed to the contractors or employees without your request.

  • Employee Training

All the employees at Builtapps Business Solutions are trained on a regular basis with the latest security measures to make sure that your information is protected at all times.