Software Development

Cloud Based Softwares

As a global software solution development company, We offer affordable, visually appealing and fully functional web solutions to small, medium and large scale businesses. Offering many different options we work directly with you to bring your ideas to life. Whether it’s a solo web page or an expansive, database-driven web application, we specialize in developing your internet presence anew or from an existing site.

Our mobile application developers design and develop fast reliable and effective mobile apps. We design and create innovative mobile apps on all mobile platforms for clients on Android and iOS.

It is our goal to work with you to drive your business growth by offering cost-effective outsourcing solutions, relevant and helpful technical advice and strong software development support.

Builtapps is equipped with a pool of software developers with hands-on experience in the industry. We are well organized with significant resources. Our experienced team includes Business Analysts, Front-end Developers, Back-end Developers, UI/UX Engineers, QA Engineers, and Project Managers who will be involved in each step of your project to optimize productivity whilst ensuring the best quality results.

Cloud Based Web App Development
Native & Hybrid Mobile Application Development
iOT Device & Software Development
Progressive Web Application Development
System Integration & Legacy System Enhancements
Bespoke Software Development (Web & Desktop)
UI/UX Design & Application Architecturing Services
Tech Startup Support Package


Mobile Application Development

Builtapps creates applications to fit with your individual requirements that are designed to scale with your business needs. As you would expect from a trusted provider, the applications are built using the latest development methods so you can have confidence in the functionality, quality, and durability of the work. We can commence with a requirements analysis stage and take responsibility for the entire development lifecycle, including ongoing maintenance.


Dedicated Development Team

For larger projects the most efficient results are obtained using our subscription plan – you pay a fixed monthly fee and are assigned dedicated developers and all the support services needed for your project. Builtapps offers a “Team basis” monthly subscription module with the full ownership of software development and assurance of quality deliverables. The Builtapps team is fully equipped with the latest tools and technologies to cater for the required software development and ongoing support, along with a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals. Builtapps provides software development on a team basis rather than the traditional project basis. The benefits of having an outsourced development team are:


The subscription basis allows the project to get started quickly without having to ensure every last detail is specified.

Your team can respond to changes immediately. Often as you start the development we discover a better business process, or a competitor may release a feature that you need to respond to. When priorities change we can have your team working on it straight away.

On-demand business-driven developments rather than traditional project-driven developments.

The business team can prioritise the requirements and monitor the outcomes at any stage.

The project teams can take on board any new development or customisation to the existing system.

Specialist developers can be brought into the team as required.

User stories can be changed anytime.

Builtapps Responsibilities

Builtapps takes responsibility for the development of required software solutions and services to satisfy the requirements of your project.

We conduct the required Unit, Functional and System testing and make sure there are no major errors.

The quality of the software is maintained and the solution is delivered in line with the requirements provided by and agreed with you, the client, and we take full responsibility for delivering all the services that are on the subscription plan sections.

Customer Responsibilities

To ensure the project progresses smoothly and efficiently it is important the client is aware of their responsibilities. These responsibilities include providing the initial requirements and once the proposal is received, reviewing and signing off or notifying of any changes. If the project involves existing system enhancement the client needs to provide access to the source code and database.

Conducting User Acceptance Testing and User Training is the responsibility of the client. Once this is complete Builtapps requires client confirmation of the final deliverables and sign off of the acceptance document. Deployment of deliverables to the production environment is also the client’s responsibility.

Tech Startup Support Package

As a globally established Software Solution Development Company, Builtapps offers affordable, fully functional software solutions to small, medium and large scale businesses, from a solo web page through to a large scale web application. Offering many different options, we work directly with you to bring your ideas to life.

Builtapps develops bespoke software to boost your business. We also develop fast, reliable and effective Mobile Apps that run on Android, iOS and Windows mobile platforms. Our designers ensure visual appeal while our architects and developers make sure the product is developed and delivered to optimum specifications.

Developing your product is about innovation and providing a competitive advantage, not just a piece of software. Builtapps’s software development services can help you adopt the latest technologies and reduce the time to launch, enabling you to reach your target markets more quickly. You’ll have access to a highly skilled team of software engineers to help turn your ideas into quality technical solutions.

Our Software Development Outsourcing Service Provides

  • A cost-effective team to supplement your internal R&D resource.
  • Best-practice development methods to provide higher speed development and delivery
  • Efficient and transparent communication through our locally based business manager
  • Excellent project management and progress visibility
  • We have the capabilities and capacity to launch your software and hardware development project efficiently and securely. We offer scaled solutions, understanding your project could require two developers or an entire team of specialists.
  • Builtapps has flexible options to fit your business needs.

Legacy System Enhancement & Re-engineering

The speed of technological innovation can result in software or applications that are no longer sufficient for your business requirements. They can become slow, outmoded, challenging to use and costly to maintain and update. These aspects can affect performance, reliability, and scalability. A robust, modern solution can help improve usability resulting in increased customer satisfaction and overall efficiencies or allow you to expand to new markets.

Builtapps can modernise your applications and integrate newer technologies.


Simplifying the application and setting by using modern platforms and cloud-based services. Using new clean code for programming can increase speed and efficiency by reducing complexity.

Legacy Application to Modernised .NET/Java Driven Application

Refactoring Custom Applications

Programming Language Migration


New requirements can make it necessary to replace an entire application or just sections. The solution may also include the addition of new features and interfaces, or integrating functionality from several existing applications into one new system.

Application Architecture & Design

Web Interfaces & Portals

Mobile Applications

Upgrade of Software Components

Product Development & IOT

Builtapps offers hardware design and outsourced manufacturing. We specialize in IOT products – from home automation systems to industrial Internet of Things. Our strategists, designers and engineers use a Design Thinking approach to uncover new opportunities, generate ideas, and develop new offerings.