We at Builtapps Business Solutions highly value your privacy and we have taken appropriate steps to ensure your privacy at all times. This Privacy Policy explains how we handle your online information and have taken other steps to protect your privacy.

Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information refers to the unique identity that describes a person. They include SSN, demographic, email address, phone number, race, salary, marital status, civilian grade etc. We have taken appropriate measures to handle your sensitive data in an appropriate manner.

However, it is important to keep in mind that no data security measure is in a position to provide the users with 100% assurance. Therefore, you are also encouraged to safeguard your own personal identity information.

Why do we collect your Personal Information?

In addition to the collection of information from you, we will be collecting information from the third party vendors, such as banks and credit card companies as well. At certain instances, information will be disclosed to these companies. We do not have control over how those companies are using the information provided.

How do we use your Personally Identifiable Information?

All the personally identifiable information that we collect from you are used in order to improve the business development related activities. We will send regular newsletters to the subscribers with the information provided. In addition, we will be using the information for account management purposes as well.

How do we store your Personally Identifiable Information?

All the personally identifiable information collected by us are stored within encrypted and secure databases. They can provide maximum protection to your information. They are in accessible for the third parties, without our consent.

Does the Website use Cookies?

Yes, the website of Builtapps Business Solutions uses cookies in order to collect information about the visitors and provide them with an enhanced service. For example, the cookies will be used in order to provide a better experience in the next time you visit the website.

Can I delete my Personal Identifiable Information from the Website?

All the personal identifiable information of you is stored within the databases of Builtapps Business Solutions. Only few employees from Builtapps Business Solutions have access to these databases. Therefore, we make sure that no information is leaked out under any circumstance. But if you urge, we will be able to deactivate all the personal information that we have collected from you.

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